Grilled spring chicken marinated in lime and coconut milk, in white wine sauce with saffron and coconut milk
Cod fillet baked in foil with cucumber and chives tartar sauce
Roasted potatoes with mushrooms and onion with rosemary pesto seasoning
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables with Estonian butter and herbs
Selection of thin-crust mini pizzas, vegetarian and meat
Cold smoked salmon roulade with spinach
Crisp freshly fermented cucumbers with mustard seeds, served from punch bowl
Swedish-style pickled vegetables with beetroot chip
Bulgur salad with hot smoke salmon, asparagus and orange (with olive oil)
Fresh spinach salad with red radish and grapefruit pulp, Halloumi cheese and strawberry coulis
Meringue cake with Mascarpone cream, almond paste and fresh berries


Price with VAT:

18.05 €