Pork tenderloin à la Vitello Tonnato (35g)
Potato and parsnip gratin with duck breast, horseradish cream and onion jam (25g)
Baked rabbit liver with orange glaze and rice chip (25g)
Veal with tuna filling and cherry glaze (25g)
Mild salt trout with bread crumbs and red caviar served from spoon (25g)
Egg foam with spiced sprat, black bread and spring onion (20g)
Shrimp Skagen with pea mash and mango salsa served from shot-glass (35g)
Red caviar and shrimp terrine with kumquat marmalade (25g)
Beetroot mini cupcake with goat cheese foam (25g)
Bread chips with mushroom cream (25g)
Camembert with walnuts and strawberry (25g)
French mini - Éclair with orange- chocolate chips (25g)
Thai-style fruit salad served on snack spoon with dragon fruit (25g)
Praline truffle (20g)
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15,55 €