Grilled cobia-fillet (black salmon) with chives crème fraîche / wild garlic crème fraîche
Low temperature cooked rack of venison from the BBQ oven with Chardonnay and bergamot reduction
Roasted domestic potatoes “Laura” with Estonian farm butter and herbs
Grilled vegetables with saffron – eggplant, zucchini and bell-peppers
Baguette toast with Buratta cheese, tomato and nettle pesto
Flamed king shrimp on garden vegetables served on wooden tray with leek aioli
Crisp fresh cucumbers fermented with mustard seeds, served from a punch bowl
Antipasti and cheese plate (Speck Montagna cured meat, Chorizo de la Sierra, Spianata Romana Salami, lamb cheese marinated in red wine, Brillat-Savarin cheese with cranberry coat, focaccia, fig confiture, olives
Black quinoa, avocado and peach salad with arugula and strawberry coulis
Salad Niçoise with green salad mix, quail egg, roasted cherry tomatoes and hemp seeds
Mojito cake with strawberry
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